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Red Cross Paris Eighteenth arrondissement :
Examples of operational duties

The Solidarity team :

The Red Cross 'Solidarity' team circulates the Eighteenth arrondissement one evening a week in a specially prepared vehicle. Volunteers from the Red Cross encounter the homeless and those with personal difficulties. The aim is to bring a modicum of comfort to the most vulnerable members in our community. This can take the form of providing protection from the elements, such as blankets and warm clothing, or it can entail simple foodstuffs, such as a warm drink and light snacks. But overall, the aim of Solidarity is face-to-face contact. By using conversation and openness, we can help to reduce the isolation that many of the homeless suffer from. Further, we can provide information where individuals can seek care or advice, such as government agencies.

The ethos of the team is to express solidarity with those we encounter by providing human contact through conversation, and to build trust in order to nurture a sense of belonging to our community.

Within the Eighteenth arrondissement, volunteers from the Red Cross Solidarity team perform two broad functions: collection and distribution.

Volunteers engage in the collection of goods, food and funds within the community. We collect and receive clothing, games and toys donated from the public (a dedicated team of volunteers distributes clothing three times a week ). Food is collected from local shops and restaurants. Cash donations can arrive from a variety of sources, from hand-to-hand collections from the public to corporate donations.

To buttress this collective and distributive role, volunteers provide a vital third role, one of organisation, in ensuring that what is received is properly channeled to those in the community who needs are greatest. As mentioned above this can take the form of providing assistance and protection to the homeless, in addition Red Cross Solidarity encompasses assistance to disadvantaged families, distributing toys and clothing. Finally, as international organisation, volunteers provides support on a pan-national and international level, responding to catastrophes by means of collecting and distributing funds and materials.

Contact the Solidarity team leader for more information.

The First-Aid team.

The First-Aid team comprises of thirty-five active volunteers. There are two broad roles that the volunteers from the Eighteenth arrondissement perform. Firstly, 'active duty' is where medical aid is provided to members of the public. Our presence is often required at social, cultural and sporting events in order to provide on the spot medical first-aid. Secondly, as an 'educative force' to members of the public, through a training course on first-aid.

Our request for on-site presence is directed from two sources in Paris: the Prefect of Police and the Mayor.

Integrated into First-Aid Availability (Dispositifs de Secours) organised centrally by the Prefect of Police in Paris, the First-Aid team from the Eighteenth regularly provides assistance at large events notably festive, sportive and cultural gatherings, and also as a first-aid response unit for catastrophes or terrorists attacks. Furthermore, our team provides first-aid support locally in the Eighteenth, or in other arrondissements of Paris, and even elsewhere in France if required.

Upon the request from the Mayor of Paris, or from associations based local to the Eighteenth, the First-Aid team will provide a medical response unit, acting as 'on-site' assistance at events. The aim is to offer an additional cover of security to the public by providing first aid where required.
The First-Aid team also works alongside the Paris Fire Brigade, providing backup support at Montmartre and Ménilmontant and also for the SAMU, the Ambulance Unit.

Contact the First-Aid team leader for more information

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